A future for refugee children

Imagine: you live in a refugee camp, as big as Nijmegen. Everyone around you has fled from war or persecution, seeking a safe and better future. But working towards a future is almost impossible in the camp. For example, only 4% of the children are able to go to secondary school. So what’s the solution?

You teach. In Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, many refugees with only a secondary school qualification are teaching classes, sometimes with as many as 120 pupils. And this is without the back-up from a teacher-training course. For us, these are the heroes of Kakuma.

Teaching programme for unqualified teachers

For that reason, we are helping them become better teachers through a teaching programme – because that’s what we’re good at. Our teachers at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht go to Kenya four times to teach there for a week. The rest of the classes and support are given through a digital platform, social media and other digital media. The refugee teachers can also keep in touch with students in our teacher-training programme in Utrecht through a buddy system.

A better future for teachers and children

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has designed the teaching programme together with two Kenyan universities: MOI University and Kenyatta University. The curriculum, which was developed by the HU, is now recognised by these universities as a component of a two-part programme that leads to a Kenyan diploma. We can thus help refugee teachers work on their own future and on a better future for the children in Kakuma. 

Watch the short documentary produced by Stichting De frisse blik during a visit by our teachers to Kakuma.