The coronavirus has a major impact on HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. As much as possible, we organise our education and research online and our business operations continue to work in accordance with RIVM guidelines. An extensive FAQ about the coronavirus is available on the RIVM website. For travel advice, we refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kingdom Relations.

Where can I find more information?

With all the new developments and measures, it seems something changes almost every day. So where to find the information you’re looking for? We will gladly help you on your way.

You have already enrolled and now you're looking for more information about the start of your study programme? After activating your HU-account, you can find the latest announcements and programme information on myHUexternal link.

Or are you an international student starting in September looking for more information? We have assembled a Q&A further down on this page for any additional questions you may have.

Do you want to study at HU?

Are you still looking for a study programme or are you searching for more information about admissions procedures? If you would like to get more information about a study programme, you can visit our online open days. You can find information about application deadlines, the programme selection check and matching days on our Admissions-page.

More interested in an exchange programme and its application procedure? Then check out our Exchange-page.

You are already a student at HU and want to know the latest information concerning your study programme? You can find all this on MyHU.

For employees of HU we have collected all the information on

More information about remote education, online exams, working from home and other digital solutions can be found at Digitale HU (only in Dutch).

Are you a student or employee? Then you also receive the latest information in your mailbox via the corona update. HU Ontwikkelt keeps employees informed of all other developments within the HU.

I am an incoming international student

Are you starting an (international) degree or exchange programme in September at HU? We understand that you want to know what to expect before the start of your programme. To help you along, we have collected a number of frequently asked questions for you: from education-related subjects to some general rules in the Netherlands because of COVID-19.

We are very excited that the HU buildings have partially reopened as of half June. For now, the buildings are open exclusively for practical assignments and exams. However, in the new academic year we will gradually expand the possibilities to visit the HU. We will offer education partially on location and partially online. What this means for you is dependent on your study programme. So keep a close eye on myHU.

Which guidelines should I follow when I visit a building?

  • We keep a distance of 1,5 metres from one another.
  • We follow the guidelines of the RIVM, such as: washing your hands regularly, sneezing in your elbow and using a paper handkerchief. If you have a cold: stay at home!
  • There is a maximum number of people allowed in a (class)room. This maximum is indicated for each room separately.
  • We follow the outlined walking routes in each building.

How do I travel to the Utrecht Science Park?

Travel by bike (or scooter) as much as possible. However, if you do have to travel by public transportation, follow the indicated measures of the transport provider. You can check this in advance on the website of the transport provider. Currently, mouth masks are obliged in all public transportation.

Travel as much outside the rush hours as possible, so that we reduce traffic in public transportation. We will schedule as optimally as possible to limit traffic. This means we may schedule several classes in the evening.

Is the library open?

The HU Library in Utrecht is open and provides a limited number of study spaces. We offer 100 study spaces, 34 of which include a pc. You are welcome between 8.30 am and 5 pm. However, you have to reserve your spot in advance. For more information, see the website of the HU Library.

The library in Amersfoort is still closed. It is not yet known when we will reopen.

Are the foodcourts open?

The foodcourts are closed. It is not yet known when the foodcourts will reopen.

Where can I go if I have any questions?

During the first two weeks of the new academic year the International Office will be physically present at the campus. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about  HU, finalising your application, housing or the city. You can also contact us by mail ( or phone (+31 88 4818181).

What do I need to follow online education?

During the last couple of months we have learned a lot about online education and working from home. We are all set to go! How about you? What do you need to follow online education effectively?

  • a laptop, pc or tablet
  • a good Wi-Fi connection
  • a (study) space to follow your courses without too much background noise
  • headphones or a headset

Will there be an introduction for new students?

Before you start we organise a programme introduction, so you can meet your classmates and get to know your study programme. The introduction will be held (partially) online. Check the latest information at myHU.

Do I have to pay tuition now that education is mostly online?

Even though there is less education at the locations, all costs for the school continue. Educators and other employees continue to be employed, salaries are paid, fixed costs continue and we facilitate in the enormous shift towards online education. Therefore, all students still need to pay their tuition fees and there is no discount.

For more information about COVID-19, its symptoms and preventive measures, please visit the website of the Government of the Netherlands.

What do I do in case of health complaints?

HU continues to follow the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM). You should call the doctor (GP) or the local GGD if you have a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or more, with respiratory complaints, such as coughing or shortness of breath, or after you have been in a risk area, or if you have had contact with someone who has been infected with the coronavirus,

Medical insurance & doctor

Every person living in the Netherlands is required by law to have medical insurance. HU offers a collective Dutch public health insurance. Make sure you register with a doctor as soon when you are in the Netherlands.

From 1 June 2021 onwards there are no longer any flight bans, and everyone is free to enter the EU and the Netherlands. If you are a student from outside the EU, you are also free to enter the EU and the Netherlands during a flight ban with your MVV.

You must show a negative COVID-19 test result if you are travelling to or returning to the Netherlands. This applies to most countries and to everyone aged 13 or over. The test result is mandatory if you are travelling by air, ship, or international train or coach. From 1 June 2021 a negative test result is also mandatory if you are travelling by private transport, such as by car or motorcycle.

If you are travelling by air you must fill out a health declaration and carry it with you. Some airlines allow you to complete this health declaration digitally when you check in.

In most cases, you must self-quarantine for 10 days upon arriving in the Netherlands. Read more about the mandatory quarantine for travellers from very high-risk areas. You can get tested again on day 5 after your arrival. If the result is negative you can end your self-quarantine. You do not have to self-quarantine if you travel (back) to the Netherlands from a safe country.

To prepare for your journey back to the Netherlands do the Quarantine Check for Travellers. This is a practical checklist of steps to take before and after your journey.

Please make sure to check these websites regularly so you are always aware of the most recent regulations and updates.

It is possible for international students (temporarily) living in the Netherlands to receive a vaccination against COVID-19 at via your local GGD (Municipal Health Services). Read more about where you can get vaccinated.

If you wish to get vaccinated in the Netherlands, please be aware of the following:

  • Make sure that you are registered at your local municipality and have a BSN (social security) number.
  • We advise you to request a DigiD as soon as you are registered in the Netherlands. You can then use your DigiD account to make a vaccination appointment online via once your age-group is invited. The order of vaccination is regularly updated on the governmental website.

For more information on vaccination in the Netherlands, the type of vaccines used in the Netherlands and possible side effects, please check the website of the Government of the Netherlands.

Do you have another question?

For questions about education, exams, internships, graduation programmes or help with studying, you can contact your teachers, study career coach or student counsellor. They are available online.

For other questions and questions about the coronavirus you can send an email to