We understand that you have questions about the coronavirus outbreak. On this page we have compiled a list frequently asked questions and answers about HU-related subjects. We update this page regularly, in accordance with the measures taken by the government, the policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the guidlines of the  RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the Ministries of Home and/or Foreign Affairs. 

Update 31 March: The Dutch government announced in the press conference of 31 March that the current measures will be extended until 28 April 2020. We will also continue our remote education until 1 June. Read the full article.

You can find a complete list of all our updates at the bottom of this page. 

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Frequently asked questions

 We regularly update this  Q&A in accordance to the latest developments. So keep a close eye on this page.

  • all organized activities involving a physical meeting between teacher(s) and student(s) at locations of colleges, universities and UMCs. We also include all activities that take place in different phases of the education chain from intake to alumni activities.
  • issue or collect diplomas at STIP
  • events in HU buildings, also from or with third parties
  • matching activities
  • Orientation day
  • contract education
  • non-subsidized education
  • post-initial education
  • visits by teachers
  • activities of study associations at the HU
  • student association activities at HU
  • intended study trips and exchange abroad

  • Online services, including the online services of the HU Library
  • Remote learning and alternative teaching methods
  • Home study can always continue
  • Learning teams can possibly collaborate online using MS Teams
  • Internship: students follow the guidelines of the cabinet / sector / internship organization

  • HU buildings on Utrecht Science Park
  • HU Amersfoort
  • Domstad on Koningsbergerstraat
  • The HU Library on Utrecht Science Park
  • The HUB library in Amersfoort
  • The Science Cafes
  • The HU Clinics
  • Catering on Utrecht Science Park

* = only employees in vital functions have access to the locations

The effects on the study progress, when it comes to study delay, registration and enrollment of our students, admission requirements for foreign students and the quality agreements has our full attention. At the moment these are still subjects of consultation between the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Association of Cooperating Dutch Universities (VSNU) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. We will await consultations with the Ministry before we take any decisions. We will inform you about the effects of these topics, when we have more clarity.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) has asked the universities of applied sciences to postpone the issuing of negative binding study advice (BSA) to the second academic year. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has answered this call. This means that the BSA has been postponed to the second year of study. Students have received an email with further information about the implications.

A large number of questions are about the tests that are planned in the period from 6 to 10 April. Study programmes can decide not to continue with tests during this period. These will then be made at a later time or in another form. As you know, we are working hard to make remote testing possible. The study programmes will inform the students about these tests.

The same applies to tests set for the coming period D. Programmes decide for themselves when and in what form they will take the tests.

In the event of a contamination, we follow the advice and guidelines of the GGD. In that case, the GGD will advise on the medical treatment of the person concerned and investigate who has been in contact with him or her.

Yes, the Student Information Desk (STIP) is open for all education related questions via email stip@hu.nl and by phone +31 88 481 99 99 until 4 pm.

Due to the corona measures the desks of STIP at Padualaan 101 in Utrecht and De Nieuwe Poort 21 in Amersfoort are closed.

The HU has set up an email address for all questions about the corona virus: info@hu.nl. Use this email address for all questions.

Travel and stay abroad

Frequently asked questions concerning International contacts and travel
Many people in the HU community have international contacts and travel abroad for study or internship.

What does the HU International Office do?
The International Office (IDE) of the HU maintains contact with HU-students who are staying abroad. The IDE advises and supports those who are abroad or want to go there for study. Here you will find more information about the International Office.

With regard to travel and stay abroad, the HU follows the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If a student is currently staying in a country or area which is marked as red or orange, they are expected to return back to the Netherlands as soon as possible. With regard to infection prevention abroad, we follow the advice and guidelines of the central government.

It is currently not permitted for students and employees to travel abroad for study or work activities. This is an official HU measure and will remain in force until (at least) April 6. By taking such a measure, the HU follows the advice of the Dutch cabinet and RIVM.

RIVM has up-to-date information about the risks for people abroad and offers practical and reliable information. If you are in a risk area abroad: contact your study abroad coordinator or internship coordinator as well as the local Dutch Embassy. Should you be staying in a country or area which is marked as red or orange, you are expected to return to the Netherlands as soon as possible. Please follow in this regard the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Dutch).

Are you coming back from the relevant areas? Only report to the doctor by telephone if you have a fever with respiratory symptoms (cough or shortness of breath). You can also have ‘normal’ flu with these symptoms. You can find reliable information about the virus on the RIVM website.

On the Foreign Affairs website (Dutch) you can always find the current travel advice.

Avoid, in accordance with official advice, direct social contact. It is important that those who are sick report this and that they know where and how they can report this, so keep in touch via phone or e-mail if applicable. There is no reason to just quarantine people.

No, there is no preventive testing and there is no reporting obligation for travelers from other countries. If someone feels sick and/or feverish after returning to the Netherlands, we recommend that they call a GP station.

In accordance with HU policy, no one is permitted to travel abroad until at least 1 June. This applies to both students as employees.

The HU International Office advises educational institutions and students to stay in close contact with each other. Students are advised to keep their institute well informed of their place of residence. The HU students who stayed in China have returned to the Netherlands in good health. The HU has been in contact with students in South Korea, Hong Kong and Northern Italy. They are doing all right.

Students keep in touch with their own programme coordinators in the first instance. If necessary, support from the HU International Office follows. This International Office can be reached during office hours on 088-481 8181 or via exchange@hu.nl.

When adapting (increasing) a travel advice from Foreign Affairs, we look at how students can return to the Netherlands quick and safely. The HU tries to assist them as well as possible. The HU does, however, advice students to contact the local Dutch Embassy.

We do this by following the news on the websites of the RIVM and Foreign Affairs. We maintain further contact with Utrecht University, the municipality of Utrecht and the regional GGD.

In accordance with HU policy, no one is permitted to travel abroad until at least April 6. This applies to both students as employees. The HU always advises students and teachers who are currently abroad to register at the Dutch embassy (in Dutch). It is also important for traveling employees and students that they have taken out a HU travel insurance policy (HU-login). Even if they are already abroad, that is still possible.

Previous updates

Here you can find a list of our previous updates.

Update 27 March: A video message by the Chairman of the Executive Board Jan Bogerd and more information about financial effects for student. Read the full article.

Update 25 March: HU will continue with remote learning until 1 June. We also answered the call of the government to postpone the binding study advice (BSA). The BSA will be postponed until the second year. Read the full article with the latest information.

Update 20 March: Read the full article about the latest developments concerning amongst others tests, internships, the BSA and graduation.

Update 15 March: All face-to-face education and tests (on location) are cancelled until 6 April. We want to start distance learning and alternative working methods as soon as possible. Students will receive information from the study program no later than Wednesday 18 March.

Update 14 March: Hogeschool Utrecht is responding to the government's call to organize remote education. Our employees will be working from home. They will organize remote learning and alternative work forms. We want to start with that as soon as possible. We have informed our students that they will hear what this will look like for them on Wednesday 18 March - or earlier. Until they are notified by their study program, all education has been canceled for them. Read more
Are you a HU employee or student? Please check HU Ontwikkelt for the latest information.

Update 12 March: The CMT Coronavirus has decided, like Utrecht University, to cancel all educational activities tomorrow, on Friday 13 March. Face-to-face education is cancelled until 31 March. This is related to the measures that the government has taken today (read the full article). Following the advice of the RIVM we have cancelled the open day of 14 March 2020. All events with 100 attendees or more are cancelled or suspended until 31 March 2020.

Update 10 March: The HU continues to follow the RIVM guidelines. In accordance with the advice, we recommend that you stop shaking hands as a greeting or as a farewell. Other physical contact (kissing and hugging) is also discouraged.