Housing for degree students from the EEA

If you are a degree student from an EEA country studying at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, you are responsible for securing your own accommodation. There are a number of options available to you, but whatever you do, be quick!

Housing: student room in Utrecht

SSH Regular Accommodation

Our housing partner SSH Short Stay offers rooms for non-Dutch students looking for housing for a limited time while studying in Utrecht. However, demand vastly outweighs supply, so we can't guarantee a room is available when you need it. Check their current rental offers in Utrecht.

Please note

The terms and conditions for these rentals differ from those for Exchange, Master and non-EEA degree students.

SSH Regular Accommodation

To become eligible for SSH Regular Accommodation you first need to register with them. The link to the registration page can be found below (see Step 1). If you want more information before you register, please check SSH's information for non-Dutch students.

Please note: SSH has a waiting list. After registration, it may take a number of years before you are able to book accommodation.

To register, go to SSH Short Stay's registration page for regular accommodations and fill in your details. 

Tick the box Combi SSH and Woningnet if you also want to register with Woningnet for self-contained unfurnished accommodation in the Utrecht area. 

You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration and pay the registration fee. Registration with SSH costs € 12.50, a combined registration is € 22.50. Confirm and pay immediately, otherwise your registration will expire.

Once you have entered a password and paid the registration fee, you may immediately apply for accommodations that are on offer

Please note that:

  • there can be a waiting period (especially in Utrecht) – the people with the longest registration period are invited to view the room;
  • the rooms on offer are available immediately: they cannot be booked months in advance;
  • there is often a meet and greet evening to vet prospective flatmates, and of course you'll need to be in the Netherlands to attend.

Book the accommodation via the website. You have now made a 'preliminary reservation' and you will receive a confirmation via email.

SSH Short Stay will check the accommodation's details against your personal data. For instance, you can't be over 27, you have to be a student and there is an income limit. Short Stay may request a payment slip, or confirmation of your employer.

After SSH has approved your reservation, you are asked for the down payment – consisting of two months' rent and a commission fee. 

The commission fee equals one month's rent, plus VAT (currently 21%). If your rental period is two months or less, the commission fee equals half a month's rent plus VAT. Once your down payment is received, your reservation is final.

Other accommodation options

There are many websites offering accommodation in and around Utrecht, and demand is extremely high. But be careful, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!
Below you'll find a number of websites and agencies that our students have found helpful:

Please note:

  • The above agencies/websites operate independently; HU cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any contact between you and these organisations.
  • Unfortunately, there are individuals who take advantage of students desperately seeking accommodation. In case of private rental, always sign a proper rental contract with your landlord and never agree to transfer money before you have seen the room and received your keys. 
  • An agency will usually charge an administrative fee of at least one month's rent.