HU Excellent Scholarship and HU Talent Scholarship

Are you an international Bachelor student from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and have you obtained good or excellent study results during your first year at HU? Then you might be eligible for one of two scholarship options for your second and higher years.

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If you have obtained 55 ECTS in the previous academic year, you can apply for the HU Excellent Scholarship (HES), worth € 3,500.

If you have obtained 45 ECTS, you can apply for the HU Talent Scholarship (HTS), worth € 2,000. 

Criteria for eligibility

  • You have a non-EU/EEA nationality and pay the higher tuition fee of € 8,044.
  • You do not qualify for any other scholarship or student grant.
  • You are starting your second or higher year at HU. 
  • For the previous academic year, you have obtained the required number of credits as stated above (also required for transfer students).

How do I apply?

Please submit your HU Excellent Scholarship or HU Talent Scholarship application form to our International Office before September 1st.

The scholarship is awarded for one academic year. When the number of eligible candidates exceeds the number of available scholarships, a selection will be made based on average grades and number of credits obtained.