After your graduation

You can expect to be engaged in some sort of Business Development role, either with the innovation department at a multinational or a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), or at incubators or innovation centres. Alternatively, you might start your own company as an entrepreneur. Either way, you will find yourself in the competitive and exciting world of (international) business!

Career prospects

With your degree and experience, you will be a viable candidate for positions across the world of business. Previous alumni can be found in a variety of roles and organisations, such as:

Also: Program Manager in Product Development, or Product Marketing Manager for Foreign Markets. Responsible for day-to-day support of specific acquisition channels across various countries: driving revenue growth, designing prospect management processes, building channel intelligence and sharing strategic insights, developing and consolidating program knowledge and learnings.

In a variety of fields, for example:

  • Consultant Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Consultant Innovation Management
  • Social Business and Social Innovation Expert/Consultant

Tracking and analysing the progress of key performance indicators, implementing lean initiatives, ensuring ISO standards and establishing quality improvement.

For instance:

  • Project Manager Product Development
  • Project Manager Customer Journey
  • Project Manager Lean Office
  • Project Manager Innovation

  • Business Controller
  • Client Manager b2b (assisting clients throughout their lifecycle with the company)
  • Digital Marketing Manager


  • Multinationals (Google, PepsiCo, PWC, Microsoft, Siemens, Apple, Heineken, Douwe Egberts, Airbus)
  • SME’s all over the world
  • Incubators
  • Innovation Centres
  • Entrepreneur or self-employed

Keep in touch

You will gain a lot by keeping in touch with your fellow students, tutors and the participating universities. They will provide you with opportunities for continued learning; and a strong network is essential in today's connected (business) world, keeping you up-to-date about developments and job opportunities in your field.

Michael O’Donovan, student Master Innovation in European Business, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

"The MSc in Innovation in European Business benefited me greatly and provided me with many opportunities to work with companies and individuals internationally."

Michael O’Donovan (Age 24)

"We would definitely consider employing a student from the Masters of innovation In European Business again as we found this partnership with HU very successful."

Mary Kelleher Company: Alpes d'Or
Master innovation in European Business: professionals at work

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