During the programme

During this intensive 15-month programme, you will study three terms at three different prestigious institutions, and do a one-term work placement in any country, or opt for a one-term academic placement in Wuhan (China).

Studying with fellow high-achievers from a variety of backgrounds

You are encouraged to think of the MSc IEB as a prolongation of your primary degrees even if it may constitute a change of direction (e.g. for engineers who would like to add managerial capabilities to their technical skills). You will be studying with other international students from various backgrounds who have all been vetted by the participating institutions, so as a student on a master’s degree course you will learn with and from each other.

Overview of the programme

University College Cork is a large Irish university with close to 20,000 students. The Cork University Business School (CUBS), where you will be studying, is internationally renowned for its research; notably in the information systems field. It is home to the Financial Services Innovation Centre (FSIC) which conducts research on innovation in services in collaboration with the industry.

Term 1: September to December – Cork session (20 credits):

  • Open innovation (5 credits)
  • Innovation opportunity recognition and assessment (5 credits)
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity – Evaluating early stage investments (5 credits)
  • Leading edge Seminar on Innovating in Europe, Focus on Ireland and Great Britain (5 credits)
  • Dissertation Preparation 

The Institut Supérieur du Commerce (ISC) in Paris, or ISC Paris Business School, is one of the leading French "Grandes Ecoles" management schools. They provide university-level education to a select number of excellent students annually. Due to its location, your time here provides opportunities to work closely with a variety of (inter)national companies, which supply executives to teach in the classroom along with the school faculty. A good starting place for your internship search!

Term 2: January to March – Paris session (20 + 5 credits):

  • Innovation and Strategy (5 credits)
  • Managing Innovation (5 credits)
  • The product Life Cycle (5 credits)
  • Leading edge Seminar on Innovating in Europe, Focus on France and South Europe (5 credits)
  • Dissertation Preparation II (5 credits)

A. Placement period (25 credits)

Each student in the programme must spend at least 640-800 hours in an organisation, working in a role relating to the programme. We cannot guarantee a placement, but will do what we can to support you securing a placement in a country of your choice.

B. Chinese stream: Academic programme at Wuhan University of Technology (25 credits)

If you opt for the Chinese stream, you will study Chinese Business Culture, (basic) Chinese language and special topics on the Chinese Economy. An integrative industry case study is part of the programme.

The HU Business School (UBS) has been active as an international business school since 2005 and continues to offer Action Learning programmes beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands, creating a global Action Learning community of business leaders, all following the same steps to success. Located at Utrecht Science Park, it provides an ideal hub for knowledge circulation and development in the field of business innovation.

Term 4: October to December – Utrecht session (20 credits)

  • Innovation in Services (5 credits)
  • Innovating Organisations and Leadership (5 credits)
  • Implementing innovation and managing change (5 credits)
  • Leading edge Seminar on Innovating in Europe, Focus on Holland (5 credits)
  • Dissertation Completion Workshops

More information

You will study at three excellent centres for business studies in respectively Ireland, France and the Netherlands. Optionally you can take classes in culture and language on location.


During the third term you will undertake a relevant work placement in any country of your choice.

During your third term, you may opt for the Chinese stream at Wuhan University of Technology, as an alternative to the company placement. You will study Chinese Business Culture, (basic) Chinese language and special topics on the Chinese Economy. An integrative case study is part of the programme.

If you want to strengthen your foreign language skills, you may opt for the French stream:

  • Learn/improve your French with intensive French courses in Cork and Paris;
  • Study some subjects in French during the Paris term.

You and your fellow students will take study trips to EU offices in Brussels, and to innovation centres, innovating companies and business incubators in Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

The programme takes place over 16 months, starting in September. You need to acquire a minimum of 90 ECTS credits to pass.

Assessment is mainly continuous and will be based on assignments specific to each module, including learning journals pertaining to the site visits and guest lectures.

Fees will be payable to UCC upon registration into the programme. The fee is set at € 10,500 (for non-EU residents: € 18,000).

David Meany, Master Innovation in European Business

"Studying in Cork, Paris and Utrecht, as well as a five-month internship, offers opportunities that no other master’s program can offer its students. "

David Meany (25)

Why choose HU

  • Three international top institutes

    By studying at three excellent European universities, you gain a wealth of relevant knowledge and international experience.

  • Studying with fellow high-achievers from diverse backgrounds

    Our intake process guarantees you work and study together with other excellent students from across the globe.

  • Study trips and work placement

    You meet future employers and fellow professionals during the various study trips and your work placement.

Master innovation in European Business: professionals at work

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