Blockchains allow the user to securely record data without the need for a central authority. This technology may be surrounded by many unanswered questions, but a lot of professions will be impacted by it. That’s why the HU has established a dedicated Blockchainlab.

The Blockchainlab is a central hub for the development, sharing and application of blockchain knowledge. The lab actively focuses on the Utrecht region. 

The Blockchainlab uses blockchains in a range of different projects. This enables people to determine what is done with their personal data and promotes equality. The Blockchainlab also organises trainings and performs applied research. In addition, the lab offers students, lecturers and researchers substantive and technical support in the field of blockchain technology.

Visiting address

Padualaan 99
3584 CH Utrecht


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Jaap Goedebuur

Jaap Goedebuur

  • Blockchainlab Programme Manager