We all want to lead a healthy, balanced life, remain content in old age and pass away with dignity. And this is definitely feasible – if we organise the care and welfare of the Netherlands even more effectively. That’s what U CREATE is working towards, in partnership with care professionals, researchers, designers, policy-makers and entrepreneurs.

U CREATE connects professionals and organisations that aim to promote people’s health and well-being. Via the development of products and services as well as by transforming organisations and systems. Always from the perspective of the patient, the citizen and the care consumer.

Together with the Municipality of Utrecht and the Economic Board Utrecht, U CREATE is the driving force behind Health Hub Utrecht. This networking organisation focuses on the district-based prevention of public health problems, taking optimal advantage of digital tools and creating an attractive employment market for professionals working in the field. Through these activities, Health Hub Utrecht aims to bring health and happiness within the reach of every citizen in Utrecht by 2030.

At the national level, U CREATE is associated with the government ‘Topsectors’ Creative Industry and Life Sciences & Health. U CREATE is also a member of the international European Creative Business Network.

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