Current developments in society and technology call for new and just solutions for citizens who have difficulty gaining access to justice. The Legal Empowerment Lab supports citizens and the professionals who help them in achieving legal empowerment.

At the Legal Empowerment Lab, legal degree programmes, professionals and organisations work together to increase citizens’ access to justice. The Lab connects practice-based research with questions formulated by private citizens, policy-makers and civil society.

The Legal Empowerment Lab is the result of a partnership between the Institute for Law and the Research group Access to Justice at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The Lab connects research, education and insights from professional practice in relation to important themes like digitalisation, access to law and self-sufficiency. This is achieved via education programmes, graduation projects, work placements and other practical assignments.

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Padualaan 101, 3584 CH, Utrecht

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Lenie Buijs

  • Management Assistant