The aim of this research group is to contribute to the quality of mathematics education in HU degree programmes and in the world around us. Our focus is on the development of mathematical thinking in a society in which digital resources are becoming increasingly important.

Lines of research within the research group

In this line of research, we focus on higher-order mathematical skills in existing HU degree programmes. Mathematical thinking includes problem-solving, analytical thinking, modelling and abstract thought.



In this line of research, we study mathematical thinking in education, with the aid of digital tools. Our focus is on primary, secondary and vocational education. How can mathematics education contribute to the development of mathematical thinking as a skill?


  • The Common European Numeracy Framework

In this line of research, we focus on the professionalisation of teachers, both during and after their official training period. We are particularly interested in strengthening their didactic knowledge and skills regarding mathematical thinking, and to improve the application of digital resources. How can prospective teachers best be trained so that they will be able to teach their students to think mathematically?





The research group strives to contribute to mathematics education at the HU and in the wider field of education, by conducting research together with partners and by translating these results into practice.

Lecturer teaching Paul Drijvers | Professor | Mathematics Education

“A certain cleverness or intelligence, that can be very beneficial in your daily life, is perhaps best learned through practising and learning mathematics”

Paul Drijvers Professor of Mathematics Education


The research group works together with regional partners such as the Freudenthal Institute of Utrecht University, with national networks such as Ecent/Elwier, and with international universities involved in various European projects.

Our professors and researchers

Paul Drijvers | Professor | research group Mathematics Education

Paul Drijvers

Professor Mathematics Education Show profile
Theo van den Bogaart | Researcher | Research groups Digital Smart Services and Mathematics Education

Theo van den Bogaart

Researcher Digital Ethics, Mathematics Education Show profile
Gerard Dummer | Researcher | Research groups Science and Technology Education and Mathematics Education

Gerard Dummer

Researcher Mathematics Education, Research group Science and Technology Education Show profile
Mieke van Groenestijn | Researcher | Research group on Mathematics Education

Mieke van Groenestijn

Researcher Mathematics Education Show profile

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