Our research group focuses on practice-based research in higher professional education (HPE). We are interested in determining which practice-based research methods contribute to solving practical problems. We also conduct research into how HPE students can learn to conduct research in their professional practice.

Lines of research within the research group

How can we best channel the results of practice-based research to influence professional practice in a methodologically responsible way? We strive to answer this question through the variety of perspectives of all those involved (researcher, professional practice, education and financier). In addition, we focus on practical approaches that help to increase the impact of practice-based research from the very beginning.

Professional research competence is becoming important in an increasing amount of professional practices, especially those that are complex in nature, where problems cannot be immediately solved in a technically-rational manner.

In this line of research we study the way in which professional research competence can be useful for professionals. For what purpose and when do you actually need research skills in your work as a professional? How is this best cultivated during a bachelor's or master's degree? We aim to use this knowledge to improve the didactics and assessment of research skills in the specific context of higher professional education.



This research group works for both the HU and for comparable higher education institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

Example of practice-based research Daan Andriessen | Professor | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

“The purpose of practice-based research is to improve professional practice and to encourage professionals to do well at their job. This research only makes sense if it has an impact on professional practice”

Daan Andriessen Professor of Methodology of Practice-Based Research


Our research is relevant for universities of applied sciences, research universities and knowledge institutions where practice-based research is conducted, such as TNO, research agencies and ministries. We deliver introductions and lectures, provide workshops and training programmes and develop useful products related to our research themes.

Our professors and researchers

Daan Andriessen | Professor | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

Daan Andriessen

Professor Methodology of Practice-Based Research Show profile
Wilke van Beest | Researcher | Research groups Methodology of Practice-Based Research and Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Wilke van Beest

Researcher Marketing & Customer Experience, Methodology of Practice-Based Research Show profile
Stijn Bollinger | Senior researcher and senior lecturer | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

Stijn Bollinger

Researcher Methodology of Practice-Based Research Show profile
Roelof Ettema | Researcher | Methodology of Practice-Based Research | Chronic Diseases

Roelof Ettema

Researcher Methodology of Practice-Based Research, Proactive care for elderly people living at home Show profile

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