Debts in general practices

Research shows that financial problems and health are closely linked to each other. Collaboration between healthcare and financial professionals is therefore important. In this project best practices were identified and interventions for general practitioners and practice nurses developed, so that patients with debts can be helped at an early stage.


The intervention contributes to alleviating barriers that prevent GP’s and patients talking about debt problems. A poster and animation in the waiting room show patients with debt that it is commonly accepted to talk about their problems. An e-learning was established to educate GPs in addressing debt issues and giving an adequate referral. 


The project has yielded the following results (only available in Dutch):

  • A cohesion of different materials that can be used by the general practice
  • An e-learning for general practitioners
  • The publication 'Working together when there are clients with debts' with inspiring examples of collaboration'
  • The final report 'Finances in the consultation room'


01 June 2018 - 30 November 2020


General practitioners and their assistants were interviewed to gather information about their needs considering the issue of debts in their practices. Based on this information the intervention was developed and tested. The experiences in this pilot were used to further improve the intervention.

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