Effective practices in probation supervision

This systematic literature review describes what is known about the effectiveness of practices in probation supervision.


In this study, we described the results of a systematic literature review of the effective elements in probation supervision. Elements that have shown to be effective on reducing the risk of recidivism, risk management, behavioural change and improvement of living conditions.


A systematic literature review on effective practices in probation supervision.


01 October 2019 - 31 August 2020


In the past years there has been a lot of research on probation supervision, in the Netherlands but especially abroad. Researchers did a systematic review on national as well as international literature about probation supervision from the year 2000 on and evaluated how substantiated conclusions are.


This study of proven effective practices in supervision on offenders is very useful for the field as well as for university of applied sciences programmes. It leads to advancement of expertise, policy-making of probation service and supports the choices probation officers have to make in their supervision on clients.

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This review was requested and paid by the Quality Forensic Care (KFZ) programme. Within this programme probation officers and researchers in forensic care (including probation service) work together to improve and optimize the quality of forensic care and probation service. To realize better care and a safe society.

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Jacqueline Bosker | Professor | Working with Mandated Clients

Jacqueline Bosker

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