How do European consumers behave?

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How do consumers in different countries behave? Is there a cultural difference between people when they eat or drink something? The COBEREN project studies the culture and behaviour of consumers, in relation to science, education and professional practice, in 30 European countries.


The object of the COBEREN is to gather information about science, education and professional practice. In the first three years of this project, we worked together to identify cultural differences in the drinking behaviour of consumers.

Other objectives were to gain knowledge about this subject, to increase collaboration and to write academic publications.


In the first three years of our research, we visualised cultural differences in the drinking behaviour of consumers. The results are set out in a number of chapters of the following book: Consumption Culture in Europe - Insight into the Beverage Industry.


01 January 2010 - 01 January 2013


Our research group gathered data for the Netherlands and was involved in the writing of two chapters of the book mentioned above.

The Marketing and Customer Experience research group forms part of the Consumer Behaviour Erasmus Network (COBEREN). This network studies consumer culture and consumer behaviour in Europe.

The network consists of experts (and their research groups) from 30 European countries, with experience in the field of:

  • consumer behaviour;
  • market research;
  • international marketing.



HU researchers involved in the research

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Collaboration with knowledge partners

The network was made up of 30 European universities. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht was the only university from the Netherlands to take part.

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Lenka van Riemsdijk

Lenka van Riemsdijk

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