KIT2.0: assessment-programme quality tool

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Would you and the other members of your teacher team like to gain a better overview of the entire assessment programme? Do you want to identify possible points for improvement? Or are you in the process of redesigning your assessment programme? KIT2.0 enables you and the other members of your teacher team to evaluate the quality of your assessment programme.


We have developed KIT2.0 to help teacher teams evaluate the assessment programme as a whole. There are five quality criteria: fitness for purpose, validity, learning function, decision function and conditions.



01 September 2018 - 01 September 2020


KIT2.0 is based on academic research on programmatic assessment in vocational and professional education. KIT2.0 thanks its development to the PhD research conducted by Liesbeth Baartman PhD and Raymond Kloppenburg PhD (resulting in the development of KIT1.0).

We developed KIT2.0 further to 10 years of practical experience and in validation rounds with programmes and academics.

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