M-ACZiE: self-management of exacerbations in patients with COPD

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Patients with the chronic lung disease COPD are at greater risk of hospitalisation in the event of an exacerbation. How can patients recognise an exacerbation on time and take appropriate action? We are developing a mobile to help patients do both.


We are developing and testing a mobile app that will help patients with the COPD chronic lung disease to cope with exacerbations better. We hope that the app will reduce the negative impact of exacerbations.

A patient with the right self-management skills will be able to influence the course of an exacerbation him or herself. It would appear that many patients find it difficult to recognise an exacerbation at an early stage and take appropriate action. A mobile app could help patients do both better.

The mobile app teaches patients to monitor the disease and take appropriate action on time, in line with a personal action plan: Learning by doing. Eventually, patients could enjoy a better quality of life and reduce their use of healthcare services.



This research is ongoing. Once completed, the research results will be summarised here.


01 October 2014 - 01 December 2019


The mobile app is being developed and tested as part of a phased process, in consultation with patients and healthcare professionals. Design bureau Panton B.V. designed the app. A behavioural scientist from Publab shared his thoughts and ideas on how the app could help patients change their behaviour.

The mobile app developed currently consists of a personal action plan and a module for the monitoring of symptoms: Copiloot for COPD. The user-friendliness and feasibility of the mobile app are currently being assessed in the field.

This project is part of the TASTE research line, which is being coordinated from the nursing science chair at the Julius Center (UMC Utrecht).


About the TASTE research line

The TASTE research project (TAilored Self-managemenT and E-health) focuses on the self-management of chronic diseases: the ability of patients to manage their disease properly. Numerous aids to better self-management are available and are often digital (eHealth). However, it is unclear which of them really work and on whom.

TASTE consists of a number of sub-research projects. We are seeking to identify what would need to be put in place to facilitate the provision of tailored support that would help individuals manage a chronic disease. We are also developing new self-management methods.


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M-ACZiE is part of the TASTE research line: a collaboration between HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the Julius Center at the UMC Utrecht.

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