One-Stop-Shop sustainable renovation

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Homeowners who want to make their homes sustainable often have no idea where to start. With this in mind, several construction companies are working with students at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht to develop a One-Stop-Shop renovation concept to help homeowners.


The objective of this project is to develop a One-Stop-Shop renovation concept to help homeowners make their properties sustainable.


Renovated, sustainable properties are energy-neutral: they use as much energy as they produce. The prototypes and business models developed must be suitable for use on a large scale, making it attractive for companies to invest in them.


01 January 2013 - 01 January 2016


Students at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht are working with companies to develop detailed renovation prototypes. They are doing this with the aim of making it easier for homeowners to make their homes sustainable.

Which modifications are wise? Who can make them and how do the costs involved relate to the savings possible? Homeowners are able to choose from a number of different prototypes, which are then tailored to meet their specific needs.

The One-Stop-Shop develops special business models too; they make property renovations both energy and cost neutral. For example, the owner will invest an amount that is the same as the amount he would normally have to pay to his power company if he were not making his home sustainable. Ultimately, the renovation will be almost free.

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Bouwbedrijf BJW (also a financier).

More investors are being sought.

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