Personal Presentation Trainer

Presentation skills are considered as a crucial 21st Century Skill. Nevertheless, designing effective learning environments fostering presentation skills appears to be a challenge, since these environments require adequate opportunities for practice and feedback. Therefore, this project focuses on developing and testing an app, named Personal Presentation Trainer, in order to provide students limitless opportunities to rehearse and receive quality-rich feedback.


This project focuses on the development of an application for the smartphone aimed to foster students’ presentation skills by making use of automatically generated feedback - on posture and gestures - irrespective of time and place. Adopting this app in current curricula might release the workload of teachers, if students are able to individually practice and receive feedback without the intervention of an external human, feedback source. As a consequence, teachers could pay more attention to students’ learning and reflection processes.


This project aims to deliver the following results: an app allowing students to develop their presentation skills irrespective of time and place, a validated feedback model focusing on posture & gestures while presenting and a research publication on the effects of the app within educational practice.


09 January 2020 - 09 January 2022


In the first phase of the project, the app Personal Presentation Trainer will be developed. During this period, a validated feedback model is being constructed aimed to provide students with valuable information that will support them in developing their presentation skills. Subsequently, the application is applied and tested in five different domains of various higher education institutions.

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