Preparing older adults for hospital admission with cardiac surgery (PREDOCS)

The PREDOCS line of research aims to prepare older patients for a hospital admission with cardiac surgery for the prevention of post-operative complications: delirium, depression, pressure ulcers and infections.


Developing, testing and implementation of a nursing intervention allowing older patients to successfully go through a hospital admission with cardiac surgery.


The nursing PREDOCS-consult is developed, tested and implemented in 12 of the 16 cardiac surgery centers in the Netherlands. Additional studies have been executed on making the PREDOCS-consult also suitable for patients with low health literacy. Participation of 30,000 patients 1,000 nurses and doctors and 600 students; 13 scientific studies published.



01 January 2008 - 31 January 2020


In the consult the nurse starts supporting the patient with improving its self-management, followed by assessing the risk on postoperative complication. In case of an increased risk the nurse sets up with the patient a personal plan to reduce the risk during the period waiting for the hospital admission.

HU researchers involved in the research

  • Roelof Ettema | Researcher | Methodology of Practice-Based Research | Chronic Diseases
    Roelof Ettema
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Research Competence
  • Nienke Bleijenberg PhD | Professor | Research group Chronic Diseases
    Nienke Bleijenberg
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Proactive care for elderly people living at home

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