Professionalisation of commercial appraisers of real estate

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During the banking crisis, great uncertainty arose about the valuation of real estate by appraisers. Our research studies the implementation of the valuation process and the choices and dilemmas that appraisers experience in a certain environmental dynamic.


We want to provide a broader perspective on the implementation of valuation processes. This will enable us to make recommendations on the improvement of real-estate valuation training and other real-estate-related training.


Klamer, P., Bakker, C., & Gruis, V. (2017). Research bias in judgement bias studies - a systematic review of valuation judgement literature. Journal of Property Research, 34(4), 285-304

Pim Klamer, Cok Bakker & Vincent Gruis (2018) 'Complexity in valuation practice: an inquiry into valuers’ perceptions of task complexity in the Dutch real estate market', Journal of Property Research', 35:3, 209-233.

Klamer, P., Bakker, C., & Gruis, V. (2019). 'Complexity in valuation practice: perceptions of tax complexity in the Dutch real estate market'. Real Estate Research Quarterly (Dutch).

Klamer, P., Gruis, V. & Bakker, C., (2019). 'How client attachment affects information verification in commercial valuation practice', Journal of Property Investment and Finance.

The recommendations ensuing from this research will also be used to continue development of the teaching programmes aimed at future and experienced appraisers at the Academie voor Vastgoed (Academy for Real Estate).


01 May 2016 - 30 April 2020


The research is structured as follows:

  • A literature review on the phenomenon of ‘judgement bias’, being the existence of prejudices and other influences that affect how appraisers implement valuation processes
  • Exploring task complexity in the valuation processes through interviews
  • A survey on the self-perception of appraisers with regard to a form of professionalisation
  • An experiment on how to enhance a form of professionalisation among appraisers

HU researchers involved in the research

  • Pim Klamer | Researcher | Research group Normative Professionalisation
    Pim Klamer
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Normative Professionalisation
  • Cok Bakker lector NP
    Cok Bakker
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Normative Professionalisation

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This PhD research is being conducted in collaboration with the Academie voor Vastgoed, a subsidiary of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars en Taxateurs o.g. (NVM).

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  • MSc Urban and Area Development
  • BSc Facility Management
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Pim Klamer | Researcher | Research group Normative Professionalisation

Pim Klamer

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Normative Professionalisation