Responsible service development with Big Data

Companies and organisations can use their data to develop new services. They often lack the knowledge to do this in a smart and responsible way. With this research, we make methods and techniques available to organisations.


The research 'Data driven service innovation' helps SMEs and public organisations to develop new services with data. We do this by offering methods, techniques and tools.
Transparency is an important part of this project. We believe that applications of data should be understandable and clear. Therefore, we develop techniques to use data in a responsible way, with transparency as a basis.


The most important results of this project are:

  • The ethical matrix, an instrument to discuss the impact on the personal values of direct and indirect stakeholders during the design and implementation of a concrete digital application;
  • A data-driven service canvas that can be used to map out the various phases of data-driven service development from various perspectives;
  • A reference model for a data-driven service innovation process.

An overview of all the insights and results can be found using our Chatbot.


15 February 2018 - 15 February 2020


We develop a framework with methods, techniques and tools for using Big Data. The framework contains:

  • a model to describe methods and techniques;
  • an approach for describing the situations in which they can be used;
  • a method for finding the right methods and techniques for a specific situation.

In the research, we are working on, among other things, a method for identifying and elaborating values in relation to data-driven services and an approach for making machine learning explainable.

We will test the added value of the framework in a project with het HU GEZOND&WEL Centrum

HU researchers involved in the research

Collaboration with partners

In this study, we work together with Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the Open University.

The research is part of the programme Responsible Value Creation with Data (VWdata) of NWA Startimpuls.

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