Safe use of videos to monitor baby development

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Parents make short videos of their baby, who has a lack of motor development. A paediatric physiotherapist then uses these videos to establish a treatment plan. We are developing a prototype application that will make it possible to store and send these videos in a secure way.


The researchers involved in the Godivapp Applied in Pediatric Primary care project (GoAPP) are developing, studying and ensuring the launch of an e-health application that can be used to exchange video material. Amongst other things, this will enable paediatric physiotherapists to use video material to establish a treatment plan for a baby with a lack of motor development.

The following five aspects underlying the innovation and launch of e-health have been brought together in GoAPP:

  1. Users of the application - parents, for example;
  2. Individuals from the healthcare sector;
  3. Technological aspects;
  4. Human aspects of technology;
  5. Commercial aspects.

All of the above have been organised around the following three work packages:

  1. Improvement of the video portal;
  2. The launch of the improved video portal;
  3. Commercial feasibility, via design research, literature review, research on the launch of the app and business-case research;
  4. The continued development of the network of paediatric physiotherapists into a Community of Practice in which recent experiences are exchanged.


Primary paediatric physiotherapy practices would like to use the application. They expect it to be a valuable extension of the possibilities currently available to them and an opportunity to introduce innovation into their practices. As self-employed professionals, they see a number of obstacles too. For example, ICT support and an appropriate contribution from patients for video consultations. Affordability and ease of use are important to paediatric physiotherapists too.

The project generated the following results:

  • A well-functioning video portal and production-ready software;
  • A plan for its launch, plus various scenarios;
  • A business model with various scenarios;
  • A design for a Community of Practice.

The project concluded with the organisation of a festival (Kind en Beweging (Child and Movement)), plus an expo and workshops, about the use of technology in paediatric physiotherapy, for the professional field at the HU on 2 November 2018.


01 June 2016 - 01 December 2018


We have developed an app and a portal and created a business model for both.

GODIVA (GrOss motor Development of Infants using home Video registration with the AIMS) is one of the research groups at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. It was responsible for the initiation of the Godivapp Applied in Pediatric Primary care (GoAPP) project.

HU researchers involved in the research

Collaboration with knowledge partners

A consortium consisting of the following partners has been formed:

The following paediatric physiotherapy practices are participating in the project:

  • G. Schuitema paediatric physiotherapy practice, Santpoort
  • Fysiotherapie Rotterdam
  • Kinderfysiotherapie Zeewolde
  • Kinderfysiotherapie Amersfoort
  • Praktijk voor kinderfysiotherapie, Alphen a/d Rijn
  • Kinderfysiotherapie Balijelaan, Utrecht
  • Groepspraktijk voor Fysiotherapie, Deventer
  • Praktijk voor fysiotherapie Schmitz, Haaksbergen
  • Kinderfysiotherapie regio Westland
  • Bengels & Kanjers, Amersfoort


  • RAAK mkb

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