Solutions for handling Big Data in a responsible manner

Big Data plays a major role in our society, our businesses and in science. For this project we are conducting

research into technical and social solutions for dealing with big data in a responsible manner.


The project is part of the programme on ''Verantwoorde Waardecreatie met Big Data'' [Responsible Value Creation
with Big Data] (VWData)’. For this project we are searching for innovations in the services that process data. Our
aim is to offer a solution for handling Big Data in a (legally and ethically) responsible and socially acceptable


This is an ongoing study. We will provide a summary of the results here once it has been finalised.


01 March 2018 - 31 December 2020


We focus on systematically including values, such as transparency and privacy, in the design of data-driven
services. We are applying our insights into the design of an app for clinics of HU University of Applied Sciences
Utrecht. We are developing:

  • An overview of methods and techniques for designing responsible data-driven services.
  • A value-sensitive design of a data-driven service in preventive care.

HU researchers involved in the research

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Collaboration with knowledge partners

Our research is funded by NWA Startimpuls and we are collaborating with:


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