Successfully launching animal-friendly products

Sustainable products

Which role do emotions, taste sensation, social pressure and curiosity play when launching animal-friendly products? How can the producers of meat products anticipate the above? The research carried out by Lenka van Riemsdijk sheds light on the above.


This research sets out to answer two questions:

  • How effective are various marketing strategies when launching animal-friendly products?
  • How do the personal characteristics of consumers and collaborations between products and animal welfare organisations, amongst other things, influence the relationships that consumers have with a sustainable product?

The results of this research will give companies and NGOs a better understanding of how to effectively launch animal-friendly products.


This research is ongoing. Once completed, the research results will be summarised here.

We now know that positioning strategies that anticipate emotions and arouse curiosity are an effective way of making animal-friendly meat more attractive. Quality marks are an essential part of this process. We know that these strategies work particularly well on people who do not see both the positive and negative aspects of meat consumption.


01 January 2013 - 31 December 2020


We started our research by analysing the positioning strategies used for animal-friendly food products in supermarkets. We then carried out a number of online experiments on consumers. Finally, we carried out a real-life experiment in which people had to pay real money for animal-friendly meat, to test whether the strategies do actually work.

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Lenka van Riemsdijk

Lenka van Riemsdijk

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Marketing, Market Research and Innovation