Sustainable energy test garden

Solar panels

Roofs have huge potential for renewable energy technologies like solar panels, solar water heaters and other innovative roof coverings. The sustainable energy test garden, which is located on the roof of the HU University of Applied Sciences, is one of the first five roofs in the Province of Utrecht’s Sustainable Roofs Plan.


The object of the garden is to present students with challenging technical education. The roof garden features a number of different solar panels and water heaters, roofing materials and a wind turbine. These practical set-ups are used in technical education.

The garden also supplies some the energy generated back to the grid. The heat generated is used to supply hot tap water and heating. 


The test garden is helping to strengthen education, ensuring that students, from senior secondary vocational education to university education, are armed with a practical knowledge of innovative, sustainable energy technologies. The business community is profiting from the knowledge gained and the very latest developments too. For example, construction and installation companies and suppliers are able to take part in tours on the roof and masterclasses as well.


01 January 2001 - 31 December 2020


Students, lecturers and professors are working with the business community on practical assignments and applied research, to identify the optimal use of roof technology for the generation of sustainable energy.

They measure and analyse the performance of the set-ups and work on the development of systems to monitor the performance and storage of sustainable energy.

This garden simulates the situation for six households. The test garden is a testing ground for a wide range of short and long-term research and teaching projects.

HU researchers involved in the research

  • Mieke Oostra | Professor | New Energy in the City
    Mieke Oostra
    • Professor
    • Research group: New Energy in the City

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Mieke Oostra | Professor | New Energy in the City

Mieke Oostra

  • Professor
  • Research group: New Energy in the City