Anne Khaled | Researcher | Vocational Education

Anne Khaled


Anne Khaled PhD works as a lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. She combines her research and teaching tasks and specialises in (practical) issues that concern the learning processes of students in vocational education (MBO/HBO) and the supervision provided by lecturers and workplace trainers in the context of vocational learning.

Within the Research group Vocational Education, Anne works on research into student learning activities and ways in which lecturers and workplace trainers supervise learning in educational institutions, the workplace and intermediate forms thereof. Anne is the principal investigator of the project ‘Ruimte voor wendbaar vakmanschap: een onderzoek naar leeractiviteiten en begeleidingsstrategieën in hybride leeromgevingen’ (‘Room for agile craftsmanship’ - a study of learning activities and supervision strategies in hybrid learning environments’).

"The workplace is becoming increasingly important in education. I give trainers of practice-based research new insights into their supervisory role"

Anne supervises lecturers with their research. At present, she is a co-supervisor of Lieke Ceelen who is investigating the pedagogical-didactic actions of workplace trainers. Anne also coordinates the Research Workplace for Implementing Vocational Education. Anne is principle lecturer for the Masters in Professional Vocational Education (MEB). She is also a trainer and content expert for the 'Onderwijs Uitvoeren' programmes offered at the Expertise Centre for HPE Lecturers.

Fields of expertise

  • Learning from vocational training and HPE students
  • Supervision provided by lecturers and practical trainers
  • Learning environments on the border between school and professional practice



    • Research group: Vocational Education
    • 1 September 2020 - 31 August 2023
    Lesson Study for VET
  • chemische technologie
    • Research group: Vocational Education
    • 1 July 2020 - 31 December 2023

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Anne Khaled | Researcher | Vocational Education

Anne Khaled

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  • Research group: Vocational Education