Annette Ammeraal


Annette Ammeraal MSc has been a marketing lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2015. She has experience as a lecturer at various universities in France and Italy, as well as 10 years of active work within the business community (including Ernst & Young Management Consultants).

Annette Ammeraal is a lecturer at the Institute for International Business Studies and gives classes in Marketing, Marketing Research, Consultancy Skills, Personal Branding and Strategic Management. She is also the coordinator of the minor ‘Doing Business in High Growth Markets’, chair of the Curriculum Committee and member of the Assessment Committee.

Annette has been working as a project member for the Research group Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation (FAI) since August 2018. She is also involved in the INTENSE project (INTernational ENTrepeneurship Skills Europe), a European partnership between collaborating universities for the development of a shared curriculum and advise for SMEs in the field of internationalisation.

Fields of expertise

  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research, discovering market opportunities
  • Consultancy for the internationalisation of companies

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Annette Ammeraal

  • Teacher-researcher
  • Research group: Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation