Asli Ünlüsoy van der Baan


Aslı Ünlüsoy – van der Baan is a member of the Research Group Multilingualism and Education since 2021. She also works at the Master's programme Ecological Pedagogy as a coach.


How can we create more space for an ecological pedagogical perspective within the world of education and research, and pay more attention to language as a pedagogical essence? This question brings my two fields of work closer to each other and keeps me busy as a researcher and coach.

I received my PhD in 2020 with the thesis ‘Tracing connections of learning’. My research on Dutch, Turkish, and Moroccan teens in the Netherlands, showed how these teens experienced informal learning relationships, what they considered as learning, and how online networking opportunities were used for learning.

I would call myself a lifelong learner rather than an "expert" regarding the following skills:
•    Qualitative research from a phenomenological stance
•    Ego-network analysis
•    Ecological pedagogy
•    Multilingualism

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Asli Ünlüsoy van der Baan

  • Teacher-researcher
  • Research group: Multilingualism and Education