Catherine van Beuningen | researcher

Catherine van Beuningen


Catherine van Beuningen has been working as a senior researcher within the Research Group Foreign Language Education since September 2017. She has also been a senior lecturer in the Dutch Language first- and second-level Teacher-Training degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam (HvA) since 2013.

Catherine studied Linguistics at Utrecht University. She subsequently worked as a teacher of Dutch-as-a-foreign language at Károli Gáspár University (Budapest) and as an NT2 teacher. This is how and when her fascination for language acquisition and language education arose. In 2011, she obtained her doctorate at the University of Amsterdam on a study into the effects of feedback on written language skills.

During and after her doctorate, Catherine worked as a (university) lecturer and postdoc researcher at the University of Amsterdam. She then became senior lecturer for the Dutch teacher-training programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. Since 2017, she has been combining this senior lecturer position with a position as senior researcher within the HU Research Group Foreign Language Education.

Fields of expertise

  • Second and foreign language acquisition
  • Language education
  • Multilingualism



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