Dhara de Nobel | Lecturer-researcher | Deaf Studies

Dhara de Nobel


Dhara de Nobel is lecturer-researcher in the Research group Sign Language. After studying Dutch Language and Literature and Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam, Dhara started working for the Nederlandse Stichting voor het Dove en Slechthorende kind (Dutch Foundation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Child). Here, she and her fellow linguists wrote the first book that went into the grammatical aspects of Dutch Sign Language, called De Nederlandse Gebarentaal (Schermer et al.).

After working as a lecturer within the cancelled senior secondary vocational education degree programme for NGT Interpreter, she started teaching grammar at the Institute for Sign, Language & Deaf Studies. Over the past few years, De Nederlandse Gebarentaal has become somewhat outdated – creating a need for a modern and up-to-date book about NGT. Together with Heleen Bos, Dhara is performing a study of the literature, for the purpose of writing a book about everything that has become known so far after research about the grammar of NGT, with the inclusion of modern media content.

Fields of expertise

  • Sign language
  • Grammar of Dutch Sign Language (NGT)

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