Elien Padje


Sociologist Elien Padje is associated as researcher with the research group Knowledge analysis societal security. Her research focusses on privacy and information security. Among other things, Elien bears responsibility for www.veiliginformatiedelen.hu.nl; a website that raises and increases current and future professionals’ awareness of information security issues.

Elien Padje was conferred a Sociology degree by the University of Groningen in 2016. Since then, she has fulfilled a variety of roles within the social domain and is equally at home in research, project support and advisory positions. Besides specialising in crime and societal security, her interests extend to a wide range of subjects relating to people’s lives and society at large.

Fields of expertise

  • Privacy and information security
  • Crime and societal security
  • Social domain

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Elien Padje

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Knowledge Analysis Societal Security