F. Engelman

Teacher Creative Business
Mr Engelman has been active in education for over thirty years, i.e. lecturing, monitoring, editing, and coaching students, with a specific and thorough expertise in all aspects related to communication in English (writing, speaking, reading, listening), as well as in Dutch, both at highly-educated native-speaker level; additionally, very good passive knowledge of German and French - active command of these may need brushing up.

Connected special interests include e.g. ‘Framing in the Media’ and ‘the Psychology of Framing,’ and developments in respect of the Internet and (communicative) aspects involved, i.e. social aspects, addictions, manipulation, privacy aspects, and specifically looking critically into the use of language as a means of offering news and/or information about things happening in/to the world - how language is used to convey or bend the truth.

Fields of expertise

  • Professional Development
  • Study Coaching
  • Framing in the Media
  • Psychology of Framing
  • Graduation supervision & assessments
  • English Language, Literature, and Linguistics


  • BEd (University of Applied Sciences, 1996)
  • MPhil (General Linguistics & Theoretical Linguistics and Automation; Utrecht University, 1991)
  • MPhil (English Language & Literature, and Theoretical Linguistics; Utrecht University, 1984)
  • BA (English Language & Literature, Linguistics; Utrecht University, 1981)