Justian Knobbout | Researcher | Research group Digital Smart Services

Justian Knobbout


Justian Knobbout conducts research in the field of learning analytics: the collection and analysis of student data for educational improvements. His focus lies on the organisational skills that higher education institutions need for the successful use of learning analytics.

Educational institutions in higher education encounter different thresholds when scaling up to institution-wide learning analytics. Justian's doctoral research focuses on designing a model of capabilities that institutions need to develop in order to remove these barriers and thus maximise the benefits of learning analytics.

In addition to being a PhD candidate, Justian is a lecturer for the Industrial Engineering & Management degree programme. There he gives lectures in subjects ranging from Statistics, Automation and Energy Technology, and Logistics to Supply Chain Management.

Fields of expertise

  • Learning Analytics
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Educational data mining





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