Marleen IJzerman is researcher for the research group Multilingualism and Education

Marleen IJzerman

Marleen IJzerman has been working as teacher-researcher since 2019 for the research group Multilingualism and Education with a focus on communicative language teaching and methodology. The main objective within this research is transferring theory into the educational practice for both the Teacher Education programs as well as different secondary schools.


Marleen has been teacher-educator French since 2008, with broad experience in secondary education and internationally recognized French exams (Delf-Dalf).  She is involved in the development and implementation of the observation instrument and feedback instrument for communicative language teaching.

In close collaboration with students and their teachers, counsellors and supervisors, Marleen intends to further shape communicative foreign language education for our students in secondary education.

Fields of expertise

  • Language methodology: communicative foreign language teaching, reflection on the didactical approach
  • European Framework of Reference and task-based learning

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