Mieke van Groenestijn | Researcher | Research group on Mathematics Education

Mieke van Groenestijn


Mieke van Groenestijn PhD was professor in Numeracy at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht from 2009 to 2013. Prior to this, she worked for more than 30 years at the HU as a (senior) lecturer. As of January 2019 she once again became affiliated with HU, for Erasmus+ project CENF, for the development of a Common European Numeracy Framework.

Mieke is a special education expert and educational scientist. She obtained her doctorate in 2002, on the subject of A Gateway to Numeracy, a study into the numeracy of low-skilled adults. Nationally and internationally, she remains directly involved in adult education. Her focus is on quality mathematics education to promote the numeracy of future adults.

Within her general interest for learning difficulties, she specialises in the diagnostics of maths problems and the supervision of students who have trouble doing mathematics. During her time with the research group, this led to the publication in 2011/2012 of the protocols Serious Arithmetic and Math Problems and Dyscalculia (ERWD). A concrete elaboration of this is RD4: Arithmetic diagnostics at four levels of action

Fields of expertise 

  • Arithmetic and numeracy
  • Diagnosis of arithmetic problems
  • Children, youth, adults




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