Rob Gründemann | Emeritus Professor | Research centre for Social Innovation

Rob Gründemann


Rob Gründemann studied Sociology at the University of Utrecht. He obtained his doctorate in 1998, at the University of Amsterdam on the subject of work-related disability. Rob has worked at TNO for over 40 years, including positions as a senior researcher / consultant in the field of labour participation of low-skilled workers.

Until 1 May 2018, he was professor for the Research group Organising Decent Work. Rob’s work as professor contributed to the health policy of the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the professional space of lecturers in teams and to participation and participatory bodies.

"The 2008 economic recession turned out to function as a pivotal point in time (farewell lecture)"

Rob retired in May 2018. However, he continues to be involved with projects on themes such as labour participation of vulnerable citizens, inclusive HRM, sustainable employability, health management, career policy, working past retirement, etc. He delivered his farewell lecture on 12 April 2018. He remains involved in a European study on co-creation in the public domain.

Fields of expertise

  • Employment market
  • Health policy
  • Sustainable employability


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