Yvonne Jordens | Researcher | Research group Chronic Diseases

Yvonne Jordens

Yvonne Jordens, MSc, RN (1991) has been working as a PhD candidate at the Lectorate Chronically Ill since May 2016. It focuses on preparing elderly surgical patients for hospitalization with the aim of preventing postoperative complications.

As a nurse and nursing scientist, Yvonne focuses on the prevention of postoperative complications after surgery, such as delirium, depression, pressure ulcers, infection and malnutrition. Postoperative complications are related to an extended hospital stay, lower quality of life and unnecessary patient suffering. To prevent this, the elderly should be better prepared for hospitalization. The PREDOCS preparation consultation has been developed for this.

The PhD research focuses on the implementation of the PREDOCS program in twelve cardio-surgical centers in the Netherlands. How do we ensure that the available knowledge is implemented in practice in such a way that patients actually receive better care? In addition, Yvonne examines how the PREDOCS program can be further developed for other patient groups.

Fields of expertise

Implementation of complex interventions
Behaviour change of professionals
Preparing elderly for surgery



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