Yvonne Jordens | Researcher | Research group Chronic Diseases

Yvonne Jordens


Yvonne Jordens MSc (1991) has been a PhD candidate at the Research group Chronic Diseases since May 2016. Her doctoral research focuses on the national implementation and further development of the PREDOCS consultation (PREvention Decline in Older Cardiac Surgery patients).

More and more elderly are undergoing surgery. Almost half of this group develops a complication, such as delirium, depression, pressure ulcers or an infection. This often results in a longer hospital stay and usually a lower quality of life after hospitalisation. To prevent this, older people should be better prepared for hospitalisation. The PREDOCS preparation consultation was developed for this purpose, during an earlier research project.

Jordens’ current doctoral research focuses on the implementation of the PREDOCS programme in twelve cardio-surgical centres in the Netherlands. The central question in this study is: how can we ensure that the available knowledge is implemented in practice in such a way that patients actually receive better care? Yvonne is also investigating how the PREDOCS programme might be further developed, so that as many cardio-surgical patients as possible could benefit from it.

Fields of expertise

  • Vulnerability
  • Implementation
  • Behavioural changes

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