zsolt puskas

Zsolt Puskas


Zsolt is a lecturer at Creative Business and a PhD candidate from the University of Bristol Business School. His research focuses on how corruption scandals are (re)constructed in online news media in Hungary. He is also interested in social theory.


Zsolt Puskas was born in Hungary and moved to England in 2014. He obtained his BSc in Geography from the University of Bristol. During this programme, his interest shifted towards the Social Sciences, which led him to study MSc Management from 2017. After acquiring his degree from the University of Bristol, he continued his studies as a PhD candidate at the same institution. From 2018, he worked as a Graduate Teacher at the University of Bristol School of Management, teaching both Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Here he built an interest in the role that technology plays in society, particularly concerning the ethical implications of it. Simultaneously, Zsolt’s PhD research moved towards the digital realm, analysing the functions of hyperlinks in the scandalisation of corruption. He also delved deeper into the theories of Gabriel Tarde, Bruno Latour, and Georges Bataille during this period. In 2022, he moved to the Netherlands to work at HU, and in early 2023, he submitted his PhD thesis. 

Fields of expertise

  • Technology
  • Research Design
  • The Future Workplace
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Geography BSc, University of Bristol (2017)
  • Management (Entrepreneurship) MSc, University of Bristol (2018)