Utrecht Science Park Campus

Studying at HU University of Applied Sciences means you get to enjoy all the benefits and facilities of our campus: Utrecht Science Park (USP), a veritable miniature city on the outskirts of Utrecht.


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At the campus you'll find the universities' buildings, libraries, student accommodation, restaurants and cafés, a sports centre, the university hospital and various shops. It also enjoys excellent transport links to Utrecht and beyond.

Why study at HU?

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The international students walk in the city centre of Utrecht.

HU has worked hard on its buildings to provide you with education that prepares you for the future. All of our education and research buildings are concentrated in five modern buildings at Utrecht Science Park.

Did you know?

Our campus is unique because Utrecht Science Park:

  • is the largest science park in the Netherlands
  • has the greatest concentration of knowledge institutes on a small surface area in Europe
  • accommodates at least 50,000 students and 20,000 staff every day
  • has a rooftop garden created by social entrepreneurs and volunteers
  • has five hospitals within one square kilometre, one of which is the Netherlands' only veterinary hospital

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