So you want to take part in a master programme at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht? We are glad to have you! Before you are set to go, there are several steps you have to undertake. On this page we guide you through the general steps. For additional and specific admission requirements we refer you to the master programme of your interest.

Are you applying to one of our international master programmes, Data-Driven Design, Next-Level Engineering or Teacher Education? On this page you can find information about the general steps to apply for these programmes. For information about the admission requirements, application procedure and application deadlines, please check the websites of your chosen study programme.

How to apply?

Below, you can find the steps you need to take in order to apply. Although the steps are numbered for your convenience, they are not necessarily linear. Be sure to read through all of them before you start the application process. Check your e-mail inbox (and spam folder!) after each step. Your admission and visa application are handled by the International Office, whom you can contact if you have any questions concerning the procedures.

  1. Check admission requirements for your master programme

  2. Check deadlines

  3. Apply via Studielink

  4. Upload your application documents

  5. Arrange your language test (if applicable)

  6. Matching process

  7. Application for visa or residence permit if applicable

  8. Payment of tuition fees

Practical preparation for your time at HU

  • You need to find a place to live. On our Housing page we tell you what to do and what to look out for. Whatever you do, do it sooner rather than later!
  • Insurance is an important part of setting yourself up to live in the Netherlands. Health insurance is mandatory and there are other insurances you might want to take out.
  • Working in another country can really enhance your experience – and boost your international profile! As an international student in the Netherlands, you are allowed to have a part-time job during your studies, but there are some rules and regulations to think of.
  • Prepare for your life in Utrecht. There is much to learn about the city and its environs, and there are introduction and buddy programmes to help you get settled in.

Fully enrolled

Have you been accepted to HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht? Congratulations!

There are just a few more things to take care of:

  • Three months prior to your programme start date you receive your HU account details. You can check your enrolment status via MyHU from then on. MyHU provides information about reading materials, introduction programmes and your schedule.
  • After your enrolment is completed, you'll receive proof of enrolment and your student ID card. We need a passport picture for this, so be sure to upload one! If you live abroad, you can pick up your student ID card at HU from mid-August. If you live in the Netherlands, you'll receive your card by post.