Tuition fees and payment

If you are enrolled at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, you need to pay a tuition fee. Even if you are doing an internship of completing the last few assignments of your degree.

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Please note: Tuition fees may change year upon year, and no rights can be derived from the information on this page.

In the Netherlands, there are two types of tuition fees: the statutory tuition fee, set annually by the Dutch government, and the institutional tuition fee, set annually by the universities individually. The institutional tuition fee is higher and only applies to students who don't meet the criteria for the statutory tuition fee.

Curious about which fee applies to you?

Would you like to start a study programme and do you not yet know which fee applies to you? Then you can use the tuition fee calculator. This will show you the amount of your tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Tuition fee calculator

Tuition fees halved for first year of higher education

Tuition fees have been halved for students in their first year of higher education. Students doing teacher training courses get this reduction during their second year too.

Students who meet the conditions only need to pay half of the statutory tuition fee for their first year of higher education. The student’s academic institution will automatically calculate the correct fee. The conditions for reduced tuition are set out below.

You can find whether the reduced fee applies to you, as well as the latest information concerning the reduction on the website of the Dutch Government.

The statutory tuition fee

You are eligible for the statutory tuition fee if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a national from a country belonging to the European Economic Area; this includes all EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway. 
  • You are a national from Switzerland or Suriname.
  • UAF pays your tuition.
  • You have a residence permit for a purpose other than study that entitles you to government-backed student finance ("Stufi").

You don't already have a bachelor's degree when starting your bachelor programme. Or, you don't already have a master's degree when starting your master programme. Equally, you don't already have an associate's degree when starting your associate's degree (AD) programme.

You already have a degree (AD, bachelor's or master's) from a programme that is not in healthcare or education, and you embark on a programme in one of these fields. Check whether your programme meets this condition via DUO CROHO (in Dutch only) or enquire with the institute you plan to study with.

Please note: If you started your additional degree programme at the same time as your initial one, you are eligible for the statutory tuition fee for the duration of your second degree programme.

Read more about Tuition for your second degree.

Statutory tuition fees for 2020-2021

Type of programme Annual fee 
Full-time & work-study bachelor's, master's and associate degree programmes € 2,143
Part-time bachelor's and associate degree programmes € 2,053
Part-time master's degree programme € 2,092

The institutional tuition fee

If you don't meet the criteria for the statutory tuition fee, you pay the institutional tuition fee.

For academic year 2020-2021, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has set the following:

Type of programme Annual fee
Full-time & work-study bachelor's and master's degree programmes € 8,547
Part-time bachelor's degree programme € 7,828
Part-time master's degree programme € 8,137
Work-study master's degree programmes Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) and Physician Assistant (PA)
€ 17,871

Examination fee for external students

Those only taking part in exams at HU University of Applied Sciences and not taking part in any of our education programmes pay € 2,088 per academic year. Life Long Learning students (external student from private programmes) pay € 209 per month. (Prices correct for 2019-2020.)


For more information about registering as an external student, check our Admissions to Part-time Bachelor page.

Paying your tuition

You need to confirm you are going to pay your tuition in Studielink.

To pay by direct debit you must fill in the IBAN of the person paying your tuition (e.g. you or a parent) and confirm your method of payment. Please note, when using a foreign bank account please follow the instructions in the paragraph below). You will then receive an email from us with an activation code. The account holder uses this to authorise payment using their DigiD.

You can pay the entire amount at once or spread it over ten months:

  • Direct debit in one instalment:
    We debit your account with your tuition fee in one transaction. The direct debit takes place around the 25th day of your starting month.
  • Direct debit in ten instalments:
    We debit your account with one-twelfth of your fee around the 25th of each month between September and April. Around the 25th of May and June, your account is debited twice.

When you pay in instalments, a € 24 administration fee is charged at the time of the first transfer.

Payment via a foreign bank account or by your employer

It is not possible to pay by direct debit (as given above), if you are going to pay the tuition from a bank outside of SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area) or your employer or another company is going to pay your tuition.

Instead, you must select the payment option in Studielink "Via institution of higher education" and you must download the HU payment form 2020-2021 to complete and return to HU as a PDF file. After filling in the details you need to send the completed form by email to  

It is very important you fill in all the details as requested on the form and you must place at least two signatures on the form.
After the form has been received and processed, you should expect an invoice around 1 October. The invoice will need to be paid within 30 days to: Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht, IBAN: NL77 ABNA 0256 7327 60, BIC/SWIFT: ABNA NL2A, quoting your Student-ID and the invoice number in the subject field.

How do I change my payment details?

Once you have authorised your direct debit, you won't be able to change your payment details in Studielink. If you do need to change something, please use the HU change payment form 2020-2021 to alter any payments details.

If you have obtained a bachelor or master's degree after 1 August 1991 and you want to enrol in a second degree programme, you'd normally have to pay the institutional tuition fee according to the Dutch Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research art. 7.46 (in Dutch: WHW art. 7.46).

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • You follow two associate, bachelor's or master's degree programmes simultaneously during academic year 2018-2019 and are completing one of them in 2018-2019.
  • You followed two associate, bachelor's or master's degree programmes simultaneously before academic year 2018-2019, you have completed one of them and the other is ongoing (your registration has not been interrupted).
  • Your second degree programme is in healthcare or education and your previous associate, bachelor's or master's degree isn't in these fields.

If one of these exceptions applies to you, your institutional tuition fee will be lowered to match the current statutory tuition fee.

Please note: It does take a while for a degree to be registered with DUO and Studielink. This means that HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht may at first charge you the statutory tuition fee, while you are required to pay the institutional tuition fee. If this is the case, you are liable for the difference in fees once your first degree is registered with us. If you are unsure whether we have the right details for you, please contact our Back Office Enrolment.

Exemption from tuition fees

In the following cases, you may qualify for exemption:

Are you a student at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and are you going to follow a (minor) programme at another institution? You may be entitled to an exemption from (part of) your tuition fees at that other institution, as long as you are eligible for the statutory tuition fee at both institutions. 

Complete your payment details in Studielink and make sure your registration is complete. You can do this as of early June. Then request proof of payment and hand this in at the other institution.

Are you a student from another institution and are you about to follow a (minor) programme at HU? You may be entitled to an exemption from (part of) your tuition fees at HU, as long as you are eligible for the statutory tuition fee at both institutions. We will not take any money out of your account until your programme starts. Request proof of payment, the Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld (BBC), from your other institution. The other school will then send the BBC to the HU.

What you need to do in case of arrears

We may be unable to transfer your tuition fee from your account using Direct Debit. For instance if you don't have enough money in your account or because your application process was completed late. In these cases, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has no way to reattempt the transfer. 

Within two weeks of a missed payment, you'll receive an email request for payment of arrears containing an iDEAL payment link. You can use this link for swift payment of your outstanding funds. If you cannot use iDEAL, you may transfer the money directly to: Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht, IBAN: NL77 ABNA 0256 7327 60, BIC/SWIFT: ABNA NL2A. Don't forget to put your Student-ID in the subject field.

You are at all times responsible for prompt payment of your tuition, even if it is financed by a parent or employer. If you fail to pay outstanding fees and ignore our reminders, HU will deregister you from your programme in accordance with the Dutch Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research art. 7.42 paragraph 2 (in Dutch: WHW art. 7.42-2).

From that moment onwards you are no longer entitled to education or HU's other services, nor government-backed student finance ("Stufi") or your Student Travel Product. You need to cancel these yourself via DUO: Stopping your studies. Do this immediately to avoid incurring further costs.

Re-entrance to your programme

If you want to re-enter your programme after deregistration, you need to do the following:

  • Settle your payment arrears

    GGN Gerechtsdeurwaarders Utrecht has taken over the settlement of your payment arrears from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. They will tell you how to pay. You can also contact them directly via +31 88 331 4747 or via email.
  • Apply via Studielink

    As soon as you have settled your payment arrears, you can submit an (interim) enrolment request via Studielink.
  • Wait for the assessment

    You will not be automatically accepted to join your degree programme in the interim. After your application via Studielink, HU will assess your enrolment request. If we need more information, we will contact you at the e-mail address you provided in Studielink. Make sure this is not your HU student e-mail address, but your private e-mail address.

If you disagree with our decision to disenrol you, you can appeal with the HU Student Legal Protection Desk within six weeks of our decision. On the Appeal page you can read more about the procedure.

Please note: You can appeal in English. However, the decision that follows can be in Dutch.

Any questions?

Do you have questions about your outstanding payments? Please contact our Finance Department on + 31 88 481 9131 (on work days between 9.00-12.30, 13.00-15.00 – Fridays until 14.00) or send us an email.

Any questions

Do you have any questions about (the height of your) tuition fees? Please contact STIP on + 31 88 481 9999 or send us an email. 

Financial support for students

The Dutch government provides a number of grants and loans through its DUO agency. Read more about this on our Finances and Scholarships page.


If you aren't eligible for those, you can apply for the 'lifelong learning credit' to pay for your tuition fees or course fees. The lifelong learning credit is a loan, and you need to meet certain conditions to apply.


On our Finances and Scholarships page you find an overview of available scholarships for international students.


There is also a number of scholarships and grants available for (future) teachers. This information is currently only available in Dutch. They are the Teacher's Bursary ("Lerarenbeurs"), the Teacher's Allowance ("Tegemoetkoming Leraren") and the Extra Performance-Related Grant ("Extra Prestatiebeurs").


Check the website of the Dutch Taxation Office for tax-deductible study expenses.