One of the things you'll have to arrange when studying in the Netherlands, is your accommodation. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is keen to help you where we can.

Finding housing in Utrecht can be a challenge

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Please note!

Available student housing is limited, so read this section carefully and take action today to secure your accommodation.

Students make up a considerable part of Utrecht's population. This adds to the city's appeal, but it also means that finding a place to live can be a real challenge. And while we don't offer housing ourselves, we have an agreement with SSH Short Stay, a local housing corporation that rents out temporary furnished housing to our international students. 

SSH Short Stay reserves a range of furnished accommodation especially for our international students. However, the number of reserved accommodation is limited, and the sooner you apply, the better your chances of finding accommodation. We therefore advise you to apply before 1 June (for the first semester) or 1 November (for the second semester).

Quick facts

  • Students living in student housing generally have a bedroom to themselves, they share a kitchen and bathroom.
  • Your SSH Short Stay accommodation is conveniently located and comes fully furnished and supplied with cleaning and cooking utensils. 
  • Rental fees are between € 375 and € 991 per month and include utilities (water, heating, electricity and Internet).

Applications for Spring

Applications for Spring (SSH only) open in October.

Reserved accommodation for international students

HU has reserved accommodation for the following groups of international students:

Students who study in Utrecht as part of their degree programme at another university can rent accommodation for a period of five or ten months (when starting your studies in September).

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Students who need a visa for temporary residence to study in the Netherlands can rent accommodation for a period of 12 months (when starting your studies in September).

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Please note!

If you are a degree student from an EU/EEA country looking to study in Utrecht, you'll have to arrange your own accommodation. We are however happy to assist in any way we can, and you have several options. Be aware that the demand for housing in Utrecht greatly exceeds the offer, so start looking as soon as you can!

Information for arrival in August or January

Most student rooms will be available from 1 September/1 February respectively, sometimes a little earlier. SSH will inform you if and when your room is available. 

If you arrive before your rental period start date, you are responsible for finding and booking your own accommodation. Some suggestions are listed below, but again be advised: get in early!