HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht sees opportunities where different disciplines and viewpoints intersect. In our ever-changing world, we are faced with challenges in health, technology, safety, climate and sustainability. Answers to these issues require an innovative approach, and we provide education for young students as well as professionals to contribute to this approach.

"HU wants to make a significant contribution to the quality of life and society in our urban environment"

Innovation and professionalisation

With high-quality education and research, we aim to contribute to the innovation and professionalisation of professional practice and talent development, adding to the social, cultural and economic growth towards an open, just and sustainable society.

Life-long learning

HU provides education for curious minds of all ages, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality bachelor and master programmes and courses. These are constantly adapted to reflect demands from the professional world, so our education programmes remain relevant and current. 

For professionals, this means the opportunity to continuously improve your knowledge and work on your development, enabling you to provide a valuable contribution to innovation in the workplace and beyond.

HU 2026

HU 2026 is a document in which we describe our five ambitions for the coming years and what inspires us.