HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht sees opportunities where different disciplines and viewpoints intersect. In our ever-changing world, we are faced with challenges in health, technology, safety, climate and sustainability. Answers to these issues require an innovative approach, and we provide education for young students as well as professionals to contribute to this approach.

Welcome to HU

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Students sitting on the grass at HU Campus

"HU wants to make a significant contribution to the quality of life and society in our urban environment"

Innovation and professionalisation

With high-quality education and research, we aim to contribute to the innovation and professionalisation of professional practice and talent development, adding to the social, cultural and economic growth towards an open, just and sustainable society.

Core values

As an organisation, we work on the basis of three core values.

  • We are future-oriented. Through our education and practice-based research, we educate tomorrow's professionals and work on mission-driven challenges: solving important social issues. 
  • We work together. Together, we can better find answers and solutions to societal challenges. We take a cross-disciplinary perspective in doing so, both within and outside of the HU. 
  • We are an open, just and sustainable community. Inclusion, integrity and safety form the rich breeding ground for our thinking and actions. Together, we are committed to a better, sustainable world.

Four areas of expertise

In working based on the core values, our focus is on four areas of expertise. From Sustainable Together, we work to reduce the regional, ecological footprint. From Healthy Together, we work to reduce the problems people in the region experience with health and well-being and improve their lifestyle and self-reliance. TheLearning Together area of expertise focuses on the quality of education, crucial for our well-being and for the continuity of our regional knowledge society. Within Digitally Together, we give form and substance to digital applications, based on the needs of people and society.

HU-vision: Together for the future

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is a large community of enthusiastic students, teachers, researchers and staff, with the common task of pushing forward with talent development and innovation. Together, we achieve more inside and outside of the university; we build a future together with those around us. The stronger the cooperation between education, research and professional practice, the better we can teach our students to work on solutions to the issues of our time. We do this on the basis of the HU vision 'Together for the Future'.

Diversity, inclusion and equality

Our society is diversifying more and more and so is our HU community. We highly value diversity and we work hard on being a reflection of the society we are part of. We work on (the accessibility of) our community and value differences.

A safe space for everyone

The HU offers a safe pace for everyone, regardless of background or ways of thinking. We cherish and guard this together.

HU 2026

HU 2026 is a document in which we describe our five ambitions for the coming years and what inspires us.