Application with a Dutch diploma of prior education

If you apply to one of our programmes, you need to take certain requirements into account. You need to be able to provide a relevant diploma of prior education, register your personal details in Studielink, arrange payment of your tuition, and sometimes provide proof of additional (language) skills.

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Do you have a foreign diploma of prior education? 

Are you an international student wishing to enrol in one of our Bachelor programmes?

Studying in part-time

Do you prefer a part-time Bachelor programme? And want to know how to apply?

Some of our programmes have additional admission requirements, which you can find on the programme page. Be sure to check these before you apply.

Proof of prior education

Do you want to enrol in one of our Bachelor's degree or Associate degree programmes? Then you need at least a Dutch havo or mbo-4 diploma. When you apply, your diploma is checked in Studielink.

If you can't verify your Dutch diploma in Studielink, we'll need a copy of your diploma (and grade list). Write your full name and student ID on each copy and send the copies to

Don't you have the right diploma?

If you don't have the right prior education for a degree programme at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and you are 21 or older before your programme's start date, we can offer you the opportunity of taking a 21+ admission test.

Checking your personal details

When you register in Studielink, the programme automatically checks your details against the Dutch population register ('BRP'). If you live abroad, you will not be registered in the BRP. Then, you can scan your passport or identity card in Studielink to have your personal details verified. If the verification doesn't succeed, you'll get an error in Studielink.

Please note: A driver's licence is not a valid identification method for this purpose.

EEA nationality or not?

Use our Pathfinder wizard to find out if you need a visa or residence permit and how to apply for it. Please note: to ensure your Dutch visa/residence permit is issued before the start of your programme, and to make sure your enrolment is finalised on time, we have to keep very strict deadlines.

Starting in a higher year

If you want to start in a higher year or register directly for the post-propaedeutic phase of a degree programme, you need the appropriate propaedeutic diploma as well as the programme coordinator's permission to apply. You indicate your desire to start in a higher year when you register in Studielink. When the option 'Start as' appears during your registration, simply select Advanced-year.