Application for a part-time programme

Have you found a part-time programme at HU that suits you? Perfect! Apply and register in a few easy steps. You can find the general information about this process below. Visit your programme's page for the specifics, such as start dates and required documentation.

Education location HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Application procedure

  • You can apply before 1 September of each academic year, unless your programme has more than one start date. Check the start date(s) on your programme's page.
  • Use your DigiD to apply via Studielink. After login you can register for the programme of your choice. 
  • After your application you will receive an email from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.
  • Complete your registration. Arrange payment of your tuition fee. Be sure to submit all requested documentation, including a recent passport photo for your student card.
  • Please note: if you are coming to the Netherlands on a Student Visa, it is not possible to take part in a (Bachelor's or Master's degree) part-time programme.

You can choose to follow separate modules to create your very own Bachelor's or Master's programme and obtain a personalised degree. You need to pass the module exams to receive your credits. In order to take your exams at HU, you need to register as 'extraneus' or external student. Here's how:

  • Ask your programme coordinator or the International Office whether you are eligible to sit the official exam(s) and when these take place.
  • Check whether you have the required previous education to participate in the module of your choice.
  • Use your DigiD to apply via Studielink. After login you register as 'extraneus' for the Bachelor's or Master's programme your module is part of. Please note: You need to register before the 20th of the month preceding the exam. Furthermore, you need to comply with all requirements on the first day of the month the exam is held.
  • You will receive an invoice in the post. Please ensure prompt payment.
  • HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht registers you for the exam. This may be a written test, but can also include a paper.
  • One or more university staff members will assess your work. If you pass, your credits will be awarded and registered.
  • Instead of credits, you may request proof of participation or a certificate. However, you cannot use these to add onto other modules or towards a diploma.


How much will your programme cost? Check what you can expect to pay

Cancelling your application

Do you want to cancel your application? You can do so before your programme's start date. Find out what you need to do.