Would you like a fresh perspective on your organisation, or support in the execution of a specific project or assignment? Be sure to let us know: our students welcome new opportunities to contribute.

Research, education and professional practice all converge at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Here, students, lecturers, researchers and professionals work together on innovative solutions and learn from each other’s experiences.

From the very first year of their studies, our students can create added value for you as a client. And as they progress in their programme, the scope of projects that they can contribute to only increases.


You can also turn to us with reasonably complex issues. At HU a wide range of disciplines assemble under one roof. In close dialogue with your organisation, we can determine how to best connect research and education from different sectors and areas of study. Together, we can help shape professional practice, society and the professionals of tomorrow.

Student companies

Additionally, HU is home to a number of student companies. Here students work within a professional setting, supported by our staff, on projects similar to those encountered in regular businesses. However, there is one key difference: this is the first time they’ve ever focused on these types of issues. Our students are enthusiastic, creative and inquisitive – which often leads to pleasant surprises in terms of results.

Students aren’t afraid to pose questions that a seasoned professional wouldn’t dream of asking. This can result in new and unsuspected insights. At the same time, our students take these projects very serious. In other words, teaming up with a student company produces interesting opportunities and in the process you get to know tomorrow’s new talents.