Corona update 15 March 2020

Hogeschool Utrecht is responding to the government's call to organise remote education. Our employees will be working from home. They will organise remote learning and alternative work forms. We want to start with that as soon as possible. We have informed our students that they will hear what this will look like for them on Wednesday 18 March - or earlier. Until they are notified by their study programme, all education has been cancelled for them.

Which activities will not continue until 6 April 2020?

  • all organised activities involving a physical meeting between teacher(s) and student(s) at locations of colleges, universities and UMCs. We also include all activities that take place in different phases of the education chain from intake to alumni activities.
  • issue or collect diplomas at STIP
  • events in HU buildings, also from or with third parties
  • matching activities
  • orientation day
  • contract education
  • non-subsidised education
  • post-initial education
  • visits by teachers
  • activities of study associations at the HU
  • student association activities at HU
  • intended study trips and exchange abroad

Which activities will continue until 6bApril 2020?

  • Online services, including the online services of the HU Library
  • Remote learning and alternative teaching methods
  • Home study can always continue
  • Learning teams can possibly collaborate online using MS Teams
  • Internship: students follow the guidelines of the cabinet / sector / internship organisation

Which facilities will be closed? *

  • HU buildings on Utrecht Science Park
  • HU Amersfoort
  • Domstad on Koningsbergerstraat
  • The HU Library on Utrecht Science Park
  • The HUB library in Amersfoort
  • The Science Cafes
  • The HU Clinics
  • Catering on Utrecht Science Park

* = only employees in vital functions have access to the locations

Consequences of government measures for study progress

The effects on the study progress, when it comes to study delay, the BSA and registration and enrollment of our students, has our full attention. At the moment these are still subjects of consultation between the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Association of Cooperating Dutch Universities (VSNU) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. We expect to be able to say more about that in the coming week.


We can imagine that there are additional questions about the government's measures and the above information and in particular the organisation of remote learning and alternative working methods. We are currently working on instructions, manuals and support for students and teachers. They will be informed of this as soon as possible via myHU, e-mail and our study programmes. We are confident that lecturers, students and employees will be able to bridge the gap in the coming period and let study progress be hindered as little as possible.

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