Corona update 31 March 2020

The Dutch government announced in the press conference of 31 March that the current measures will be extended until 28 April 2020. This is a message that has an impact on all our lives, our studies, our work and our social environment. It is clear that stopping the spread of the coronavirus has an unprecedented effect on our society; we now also know that the consequences of this crisis will be felt by all of us for a long time to come.

The extension of the cabinet measures also means that the HU will remain closed for longer. Also we will offer remote education until 1 June, as we communicated before, organise the tests differently, adjust our research and our business operations for a longer period of time. This has consequences for our students as well, starting from first year up to graduation.


Our special thanks go to all our students and colleagues who serve others today. We see that student and employees with a BIG registration work in healthcare; we see that they offer to help the elderly. We give them a big compliment!

The HU Community shows that in this crisis it is aware of and remains involved with its environment. A nice initiative by students of the optometry course, who are going to collaborate with the ophthalmology department of the UMCU. About 12 to 15 students receive training and work for eight weeks in a team within the UMCU that administers a triage to 250 to 300 patients via telephone per day.

Another amazing example is the 36 hospital beds in the premises of the Institute for Nursing Studies that have been offered to the Diakonessenhuis and the UMCU.

A lot is still ahead of us, that's for sure. So let's use our energy as well as possible and give each other the support we need.

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