English Language and Culture

In the globalised economy of today, a strong command of English is vital for your future career. With five courses and three electives, our English Language and Culture minor gives you a solid foundation.

This course takes place over one semester (full-time), or part-time over two semesters. You have the added opportunity to take a self-funded trip to the UK around the British Culture course, allowing for even deeper immersion into the language and culture. All course materials will be made available online.

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Start date February, September
Number of ECTS 30 Dutch Education System
Programme level Minor
Programme code OA-MINTCENG-13
Language of instruction English
Year of study Year 3 or 4
Practical Matters Housing and Immigration
Location Utrecht Science Park

Course content

What do you need to enter this programme? And what can you expect when you apply? In this section you'll find all you need to know!

We live in a globalised society; borders between countries no longer exist when it comes to economy, communication and tourism. In many professional contexts, therefore, excellent command of a first language is no longer enough, and effective communication in an international language has become essential. Excellent command of English will greatly enhance your professional chances.

Your level of English is the starting point for the minor. Before you start taking classes, you will be assessed, and together with your teachers you decide what you want and have to work on in order to achieve the language level you are aiming for. Your teachers are native speakers or have spent a longer period of time in an English-speaking country.

This minor is interesting for any student who could have international contacts during their future career and understands that English proficiency is important in any context. On top of that, the minor is a valuable addition to your general professional competencies.

Would you like to know more about this programme or do you have a specific question? Please contact the programme coordinator, Kate Cousins.

This programme takes place over one semester (two periods) when taken full-time, in both autumn and spring. If you choose the part-time variety, it takes two semesters. You will study the following topics:


Course code

Course Unit Title




Language Skills 1: Speaking and Writing



Culture 1: American Culture



Grammar and Basics




Language Skills 2: Advanced Speaking and Writing



Culture 2: British Culture



Elective Course: Business English



Elective Course: Cambridge Exam Training



Elective Course: Short Stories


During this minor you will develop both your English language skills and your understanding of British and American culture. There are two courses specifically targeting the development of your productive language skills. In period one students start Taalvaardigheid 1: Speaking and Writing. This course aims to improve your confidence, fluency and flexibility using the language in conversations and semi-formal writing assignments, such as blogs. The course focuses on speaking and writing about topics and events within your field of interest and experience. You will receive feedback throughout the course to identify areas for improvement and guide your development.

In period 2, you will build on this knowledge during Taalvaardigheid 2: Advanced Speaking and Writing. This course focuses on formal English language use and will challenge you to discuss a wider range of topics using more sophisticated language. You will learn to write a formal argumentative essay, which will teach you language skills, such as the organisation of information, which you can apply to other areas of communication. You will also learn how to give speeches and hold debates in English to challenge your listening as well as your speaking skills.

Alongside the language skills courses students also take Grammar and Basics, a course in period one which is aimed at supporting students to become better speakers and writers by teaching them spelling, grammar and pronunciation. It also provides a space to work in a targeted manner on the feedback you received during your speaking and writing classes.

There are also two culture courses. These are CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) courses where you will improve your English while learning about British and American culture. This also means that you are more prepared to communicate in an international context because you are more familiar with other cultures that you are likely to encounter. In period one students will learn about American history, politics and people.  In period two students focus on contemporary British culture by analysing various media sources such as news articles and documentaries, but also some British comedy. Moreover, this course gives students the opportunity to visit Britain for a week to research an aspect of British Culture they find intriguing (please note that this will not be financed by the Hogeschool Utrecht).

* For the final 5EC students can choose a course that best suits their ambitions and development. We offer Business English, Short Stories and Cambridge Exam Training (again, please note that this is a training course and you will need to pay for the official exam yourself). There are limited places available per elective module.

In our Course Guide you can find all relevant information about the programme in one practical document. Download it here for your convenience.

English at B2 level. There are no additional entry requirements.

English CEFR level B2.

Please note: You may be asked to take a language assessment test before the start of the programme. If your English language skills are below the required level, you may not be able to enter the course, as you need to be able to actively participate in (parts of) the programme. In all cases, the programme manager makes the final decision.

Practical information

When you move to a different country to study, there are lots of things to arrange. For instance, where will you live, how much are the costs? Visit the practical information site. Read here for more info about how to arrange housing. A student living in the Netherlands needs about € 800 - 1000 a month to cover living expenses, such as housing, food and transportation. This includes insurances – health insurance is mandatory.

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